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MainWindow Class Reference

#include <mainwindow.h>

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Public Slots

void loadUrl (const Url &url)
bool save ()


void setSearchFromBegin (bool searchFromBegin)

Public Member Functions

bool isDocumentModified () const
QString tikzCode () const
Url url () const
virtual QWidget * widget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QList< MainWindow * > mainWindowList ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)

Private Slots

void about ()
void applySettings ()
void checkForFileChanges ()
bool closeFile ()
void configure ()
void logUpdated ()
void newFile ()
void open ()
void reload ()
bool saveAs ()
void saveLastInternalModifiedDateTime ()
void setDockWidgetStatusTip (bool enabled)
void setDocumentModified (bool isModified)
void setToolBarStatusTip (bool enabled)
void showCursorPosition (int row, int col)
void showDocumentation ()
void showTikzDocumentation ()

Private Member Functions

void createActions ()
void createCommandInsertWidget ()
void createMenus ()
void createStatusBar ()
void createToolBars ()
bool maybeSave ()
void readSettings ()
bool saveUrl (const Url &url)
void setCurrentUrl (const Url &url)
void setToolBarStyle ()
void showPdfPage ()
QString strippedName (const Url &url) const
void updateCompleter ()
void writeSettings ()

Private Attributes

QAction * m_aboutAction
QPointer< AboutDialogm_aboutDialog
QAction * m_aboutQtAction
bool m_buildAutomatically
QAction * m_closeAction
QDockWidget * m_commandsDock
QCompleter * m_completer
QPointer< ConfigDialogm_configDialog
QAction * m_configureAction
Url m_currentUrl
QToolBar * m_editToolBar
QAction * m_exitAction
QAction * m_exportAction
QAction * m_exportEpsAction
QAction * m_exportPdfAction
QAction * m_exportPngAction
QToolBar * m_fileToolBar
QAction * m_helpAction
QDateTime m_lastInternalModifiedDateTime
Url m_lastUrl
QDockWidget * m_logDock
QSyntaxHighlighter * m_logHighlighter
QAction * m_newAction
QAction * m_openAction
QLabel * m_positionLabel
QDockWidget * m_previewDock
QAction * m_procStopAction
QToolBar * m_runToolBar
QAction * m_saveAction
QAction * m_saveAsAction
QMenu * m_settingsMenu
QAction * m_shellEscapeAction
QToolButton * m_shellEscapeButton
QAction * m_showTikzDocAction
QMenu * m_sideBarMenu
bool m_useCompletion
bool m_useShellEscaping
QAction * m_viewLogAction
QToolBar * m_viewToolBar
QAction * m_whatsThisAction

Static Private Attributes

static QList< MainWindow * > s_mainWindowList

Detailed Description

Provides a tiny application for simple editing of TikZ graphics

Florian Hackenberger

Definition at line 62 of file mainwindow.h.

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