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TikzPreviewGenerator Class Reference

#include <tikzpreviewgenerator.h>

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Public Slots

void abortProcess ()
void regeneratePreview ()
void setReplaceText (const QString &replace)
void setTemplateFile (const QString &fileName)


void pixmapUpdated (Poppler::Document *tikzPdfDoc)
void processRunning (bool isRunning)
void setExportActionsEnabled (bool enabled)
void shortLogUpdated (const QString &logText, bool runFailed)
void showErrorMessage (const QString &message)

Public Member Functions

void addToLatexSearchPath (const QString &path)
bool generateEpsFile ()
void generatePreview (bool templateChanged=false)
QString getLogText () const
bool hasRunFailed ()
void setLatexCommand (const QString &command)
void setPdftopsCommand (const QString &command)
void setShellEscaping (bool useShellEscaping)
void setTikzFileBaseName (const QString &name)
 TikzPreviewGenerator (TikzPreviewController *parent)

Protected Member Functions

void createPreview ()
void createTempLatexFile ()
void createTempTikzFile ()
bool generatePdfFile ()
QString getParsedLogText (QTextStream *logStream) const
void parseLogFile ()
void run ()
bool runProcess (const QString &name, const QString &command, const QStringList &arguments, const QString &workingDir=0)
void setMinUpdateInterval (const QTime &interval)

Protected Attributes

QProcess * m_checkGnuplotExecutable
bool m_keepRunning
QString m_latexCommand
QString m_logText
QMutex m_memberLock
QTime m_minUpdateInterval
QString m_pdftopsCommand
QProcess * m_process
bool m_processAborted
QStringList m_processEnvironment
bool m_runFailed
QString m_shortLogText
bool m_templateChanged
QString m_templateFileName
QString m_tikzCode
QString m_tikzFileBaseName
Poppler::Document * m_tikzPdfDoc
QString m_tikzReplaceText
QWaitCondition m_updateRequested
bool m_updateScheduled
QTime m_updateTimer
bool m_useShellEscaping

Private Slots

void displayGnuplotNotExecutable ()

Detailed Description

Florian Hackenberger <florian@hackenberger.at>

Definition at line 49 of file tikzpreviewgenerator.h.

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